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Ramsey Sorrells

I'm a Minnesota native, born on the Northside of Minneapolis. I attended Breck school from preschool all the way to receiving his diploma. After attending Breck, I continued my education at Saint John's University, where I studied Global Business Leadership, and started a pop-socket business from my dorm room. 

Before joining Realty One, I had an illustrious career that spanned over 6 years with Vector Marketing and the Cutco Cutlery Corporation. I started as a sales representative at the age of 18, and worked my way up to District Manager before leaving in January of 2020. I'm excited to chase a new passion and career in the field of Real Estate. I have a myriad of innovative ideas and I'm looking forward to working with clients, making friends, selling homes, and being part of an exciting team! Additionally, I aim to be the premier example of professionalism, fun, and education in the real estate industry.


My Core Values


While taking classes to become a realtor I quickly recognized how valuable the information I was learning would be to the greater masses.


Since then, I’ve made it a mission of mine to educate my clients on the home buying and selling process while crafting strategies to allow them to incur success along their journey with me.


There’s a lot that separates me from the average realtor. Did you know the average age of a realtor is 40-60?


As a 26 year old I do my best to incorporate fun throughout the process and create long lasting friendships along the way.


I pride myself on treating my clients the way I would like to be taken care of by a realtor.


My goal is to provide an excellent service and the foundation to doing that includes having strong communication, protecting their best interest, and treating them like family.


My favorite part of the job is  knowing when and exactly how to utilize our leverage, which in turn, leads to my clients getting the best deal possible.


I love my job!

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